Who can Visit the Niagara Falls With or Without a Canadian Visa?

Are you planning to see Niagara Falls in Canada? Eta kanada assists travelers in the application of eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) required before going to Canada. Whether or not you would need a Canada visa to be able to visit Niagara Falls would depend on where you come from.


An Eta kanada simplifies the process of entering Canada for purposes such as business operations, for transportation, or as a tourist for less than six months.


Individuals who don’t need a Canada visa to visit Niagara Falls


There are two categories of people who don’t need any visa to be able to see the Niagara Falls:


  1. US citizens and French citizens residing in Saint Pierre and Miquelon who plan to visit Canada
  2. Citizens from visa-exempt countries


There are 54 states in Canada’s visa policy which exempts them from getting a visa to be able to enter Canada and see Niagara Falls. But, even if you are from any of these 54 states in which you are exempted from having a Canada visa, you would still be required to apply for an eta kanada if you arrive there by plane.


Being exempted from visa and eligible for a Canada eTA would allow you to have a fast and easy application process. Here are a few things you need:

  • Passport. To obtain a Canada eTA, you must be a passport holder with an expiration date of greater than six months from the date of arrival in Canada.
  • Email address. You will be sent a copy of the eTA via your email in PDF format.
  • Mode of payment. Choose an eTA agency that has a lot of payment options to choose from, such as credit or debit card, PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat. Use one that’s convenient for you.


Individuals who need a Canada visa to visit Niagara Falls


If you’re not from any of the 54 states exempted from the visa, you have to apply for one at a Canadian embassy near you. Requirements for the visa application can be found in their government websites.


To see the full list of countries covered by the visa-exempt agreement, see link:  https://official-canada-eta.com/canada-eta-requirements/